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We Buy Houses Philadelphia

Welcome to We Buy Houses Philadelphia

At We Buy Houses Philadelphia, we’re a locally owned real estate investment firm with a passion for making our community a wonderful place to live. We’ve been in real estate for many years and deeply understand what a hassle it can be to sell a house the traditional way. That’s why we’ve worked diligently to simplify the home-selling process. We’re willing to buy your Philadelphia house regardless of its condition, and we’ll pay you cash up front when you sell. Our process is quick, affordable, and flexible, allowing you to sell your home for a fair price on a timeline that meets your needs.

How It Works

Interested in selling your home in the Philadelphia, PA, area for cash? Here’s how it works.
Contact Us With Information About the House You Need to Sell
Reach out to our team with your contact information and a few details about your property. We’ll contact you promptly, typically within an hour or two.
Step 1
We Will Meet With You to View Your Property
We’ll schedule a convenient date and time to perform a brief property walkthrough, during which we’ll assess your home to decide on an offering price.
Step 2
Sell Immediately or When You Are Ready
If you decide to accept our offer, you can sell your house to us immediately or wait to close the deal until you’re ready.
Step 3

Sell Your House Fast in Philadelphia, PA!

If you sell your house with a realtor, you could wait weeks or even months to close the sale. But when you sell to We Buy Houses Philadelphia, we can help you sell your house in a matter of days if that’s what you need.
We Make It Easy
When you work with our team, you get to skip all of the unnecessary hassle and expense associated with selling a house on the open market. We buy houses with no inspections, repairs, showings, commissions, or closing costs, which means you can sell quickly and keep more money in your pocket.
You Don’t Have to Pay for Home Repairs
When we make a fair cash offer, there are no contingencies involved. You are not required to perform any home repairs before you can sell.
No Commission Fees for Realtors
When you sell with a realtor, commission fees can cost you thousands. We don’t charge commissions, so you get to keep all of your cash.
You Can Stay in Your Home After Closing
Not ready to move out right away? Stay in the house even after you close. We’ll work together to set a move-out date that meets your needs.

Selling your home shouldn’t be complicated, time consuming, or costly. When you work with We Buy Houses Philadelphia, we’ll ensure you’re able to sell your house fast for a fair cash price, without any hassle, haggling, or expense. Contact us today to learn more!

Compare Your Options

  • Selling With An Agent

  • Sold to Our Team

Realtor Fees?
6% on average is paid by you, the seller
Who Pays Closing Costs?
2% on average is paid by you, the seller
NONE – We pay all costs
Inspection & Financing Contingency?
Up to 15% of sales fall through
Appraisal Needed?
Yes, sale is often subject to appraisal
NONE – We make cash offers
Average Days Until Sold?
+/- 91 Days
Number of Showings?
It Depends
1 (Just Us)
Closing Date?
30-60 +/- days after accepting buyers offer
The date of your choice
Who Pays For Repairs?
Negotiated during the inspection period
NONE – We pay for all repairs

Customer Testimonials

What Do You Have to Lose? Get Started Now!

Curious how much cash we can offer you for your Philadelphia home? We’re buying houses all over the area right now, so don’t hesitate to request an offer today! Asking for an offer does not obligate you to sell, so you literally have nothing to lose and, potentially, everything to gain.

Getting a cash offer for your home has never been easier. Simply call our office directly or fill out our online contact form to get started. We’ll get back to you right away to discuss your needs. You might be surprised at what we’re willing to pay you for your as-is home!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions you have.
1. Are you buying my house or listing it for sale?
We are buying your home directly. We’re not interested in listing it on the open market. When we visit your house to perform the property walkthrough, you’ll be meeting with the individuals who will purchase your home.
2. How do you determine how much my house is worth?
We determine the fair market value of your house by assessing its condition, layout, size, location, and several other factors. Keep in mind that if your home requires repairs, the projected cost of the necessary materials and labor will factor into the offer we’re able to give you.
3. My house is in bad condition. Will you still buy it?
We’re interested in purchasing your home no matter what kind of condition it’s in. As real estate investors, we frequently fix up old, damaged, and outdated houses. Once we perform the necessary repairs and/or renovations, we can rent the house out to another family or list it for sale. Ultimately, we’re looking to make a profit, so we buy houses in any condition and do whatever’s necessary to improve them and increase their value.
4. Can you help me avoid foreclosure?
Yes, provided you’re still within the window to cure the default. We can help you sell your house fast so you can get the cash you need to pay off your mortgage and avoid losing your home to foreclosure.
5. How late is too late to stop foreclosure?
In most cases, you can stop the foreclosure process right up until the day of the scheduled foreclosure auction. If you’ve received a notice of default, contact us for an offer as soon as possible so we can help you sell your house quickly.
6. Why is this better than selling through an agent?
When you sell your home with a real estate agent, you’ll end up paying several thousand dollars in combined realtor commissions and closing costs. There’s also no guarantee your house will sell quickly, and you’ll have to jump through several hoops just to make the sale happen. When you sell your house to We Buy Houses Philadelphia, you won’t pay any fees whatsoever. There are no hoops to jump through, and you can sell your house in a matter of days.

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